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I provide guidance, support, and life event services to the members of our beautiful Main Street community and all the lovely surrounding neighborhoods. 

My goal is to support you in living your life as you warrant. You choose how to get married, how to present your child to the world, how to be comforted in your last days on Earth

and how your final resting will be conducted. 

I specialize in taking parts of the world’s cultures, traditions,

and ceremonies and incorporating the ones that are meaningful to you.


For most of us, our family dynamic does not fit into a nice box. This sometimes makes for contention during the happiest time in a person’s life: their life events and ceremonies. Sometimes there is family pressure to coordinate your life events to everyone else's desires but your own.


Regardless of any disconnect within the family, there are many blending techniques that I can incorporate to make your event pleasing to you as well as your family members.

Honoring members of your family, both living and deceased, with meaningful scriptures, songs and rituals is a beautiful option you may choose to incorporate in your ceremony


If you’d like to skip the family involvement and just want to whisk away for a secret-private elopement; 

I have a lovely little sanctuary that will delight you.

Chaplain Lee is a retired College Director and Educator with over 25 years of classroom and administrative leadership experience.


Her career was devoted to being the transformational bridge from adolescence to adulthood in those challenging years from high school to undergraduate studies.  This is a time of turmoil and anxiety for some students, and, for others, a taste of freedom for the first time - two extremes which challenge academic studies.


She was actively involved in assisting students who found themselves in a foreign world attempting to balance the demands and stressors of this new form of daily life with all of its tasks and responsibilities.


Instructors, Interns, and Administrative Staff benefitted greatly from her daily leadership, management skills and experience from decades of teaching, guidance and counseling.

After experiencing the entertainments, excursions, and amusements of retirement, she decided to leave the comfort of her backyard hammock to establish a counseling center on Main Street after witnessing a need for affordable counseling and services in our community.

“I think everything I’ve ever done in my career as an educator has prepared me for this exact moment in my life.  I consider it an honor to share all my skills and talents in this beautiful 11th House work.  I am Main Street’s Chaplain, and I serve everyone.”

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