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Reverend Dr. Dave sees his contribution as reaching out to the men in our community for counseling. He provides effective choices for men; particularly those who lack a positive male role model.


Rev. Dr. Dave will also provide chaplain services for all ceremonies.

When I entered college, I sampled many different areas of study in several different fields. Psychology was the most interesting with perception and vision courses leading the way. 


During the last year of undergraduate study I saw the need to find some useful application for my psychology course work. While perusing graduate school offerings I discovered School Psychology.  Starting with only a vague understanding of the program, I discovered that it entailed much individual testing and evaluation, not just counseling. 


A two year Master’s program got me into the field at a semi-rural centralized K through 12 school district.  For two years I swam against the tide of bureaucratic limitations and parental denial while trying to find appropriate resources for our students. 


During my second year in the public schools I spoke with an uncle of mine who was a practicing optometrist, for whom I had worked during a couple of summers while still in school.  Perhaps this different field would meet my scientific and altruistic needs. 


With four more years of school I had acquired my optometry degree and started working for established optometrists; from an HMO, to a “boutique” private practice, to commercial optometry.


I discovered that commercial optometry is the best venue within which to meet the needs of people who have visual demands that have not yet been met.

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