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Welcome to The Esoteric Chaplain, LLC

 a safe place for spiritual inquiry, growth and commemorations 

At The Esoteric Chaplain, we do not believe or promote the idea that there is only one path to spiritual contentment or salvation. We believe there is validity to all faith systems.

We support all belief systems and glean beauty and wisdom from all expressions.

We support all atheists, agnostics and questioners.

We support the LBGTQ+ community and everyone's freedom to love and express their sexuality without persecution.

What is a Chaplain and

how are they different than other faith leaders?

Chaplains are licensed clergy and are registered with the appropriate legal authorities.  They perform all the services that other clergy members perform.  What’s different is that Chaplains tend to be unaffiliated with a particular faith group or system.  They do not ascribe to a particular faith structure or belief system.  They offer services based on the belief system of their client and their personal opinions do not play a part.


  Chaplains need to know most of the faith systems in order to serve the community. 


Chaplains’ roles are that of an instructor, educator, mentor, and provider of pastoral care services for those who are not affiliated with any particular faith tradition or house of worship.  At The Esoteric Chaplain, we offer services to the secular, nonreligious members of our community.


We do not attempt to convert anyone from a religion, belief or opinion. 


We meet each individual client exactly where they are on their life path

and treat them with respect and dignity.



Gift Certificates Available For All Ceremonies

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